Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Honda Cancels Honda Hoot Rally

Following is the Honda Press Release:

Honda Hoot 2009 Canceled Due to Economic Uncertainty

12/19/08 Torrance, CA: American Honda announced today that the 2008 Honda Hoot will bring to a close 15 years of what has been one of the most successful motorcycle rallies in history. Over the years, almost a quarter of a million guests attended the Honda Hoot which was born in the hills of Ashville North Carolina and eventually moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. At the first event, a little over 3000 attendees enjoyed what would grow to become one of the largest rallies in North America

The Hoot set new precedence for what a motorcycle rally should be, offering not only a wonderful opportunity to test ride new products but also focusing on family fun and growing the industry from the ground up. Based on the current economic crunch which may have significant impact on our customers during 2009, American Honda will take this time to seek out new and innovative ways to engage with our customers so that we can continue to ride together.

American Honda extends our deepest gratitude to the more than 1,300 volunteers who helped make the Honda Hoot a success and to all our event sponsors, to our two host cities, Knoxville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina, and especially to all the good people who helped make the Hoot such a great event.

Friday, December 12, 2008

New TERMINATOR Movie Features Cyborg Motorcycles!

In the latest and forth installment of the immensely popular Terminator series of films the bad guys have a new weapon: Moto-Terminators!

The Moto-Terminators are part cyborg and part motorcycle killing machines. The bikes have machine guns which rotate to act as a counter-balance when the bike leans.

Watch for the bikes 45 seconds into the trailer (below).

This latest installment of the Terminator series is set to debut May 22, 2009 and stars Christian Bale as John Connor, fighting against Skynet after a nuclear holocaust.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

" I Need a Soundtrack" or "I Can Load This Bike in Dead Silence!"

I shot this video for Lee Parks to use as a demo in his booth at assorted motorcycle shows but he never recorded the voiceover/soundtrack! Regardless, the Condor Motorcycle Hitch sure makes loading a bike easy - as 105 lb. Ashley demonstrates.

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